Due to growth in technology and the reduction in the size of computers, the need for raised access floors has increased in offices rather than in computer rooms. To develop a future-proof facility, raised access floors is widely used to house critical building services such as modular wiring for power, voice, data, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Raised access flooring provides the infrastructure for future changes in the layout of offices, the application of technology, and the organization of the businesses. It is also the infrastructure for enhanced energy and environmental performance, and increased levels of productivity. Each of these elements works together in an integrated system to provide fast, easy changes.

For the bank whose motto is, "The Thinking Behind the Money," the intelligent design of Firstside Center demonstrates PNC's commitment to its employees and environmental responsibility.

PNC is the 14th largest financial institution in the US, with seven distinct businesses employing 26,000 employees in 40 states. In 1997, the PNC Financial Services Group announced plans for a new facility in Pittsburgh to consolidate critical bank activities for the Midwest region. When the Green Building Alliance, a nonprofit promoting green building in Western Pennsylvania, heard about the project, they dreamed of it being a strategic demonstration of the viability and benefits of green building. Not only would this be a high-profile commercial building in downtown Pittsburgh, it would be particularly visible to two critical market sectors: the bank and real estate industries.

Used Widely in Japan Market
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